Essential Programming and IT skills development Course (EPIC 1.0) — The first of its kind, IT skills development program

..with over ₦49,999 naira worth of training materials, inside a 64GB EPIC 1.0 (skill development) flash drive, for just ₦19,999 only!!!

EPIC 1.0

So, What's This All About and..

What Are You Getting Inside?

To begin with, EPIC (Essential Programming & IT skills development Course) 1.0, as the name suggests, is a skill-building and career-development program, designed to empower and train the youths with…

..the knowledge of computer programming, graphics designing, and web development, under the licensed supervision and mentorship of Joobla Information Technology for Youths’ Development and Empowerment Program…

..otherwise known as the JIT4DEYouths program; a trademark of Joobla Multiservice Company, JMC (BN: 3101126).

It is a lifelong learning facility, which is designed to enable individuals to learn, associate and connect with people in the field…

..while at the same time, grow better and stronger as they learn, enabling them to work confidently with any project and any client around the world.

With the many recommendations, partnerships, and sponsorships available every day from the big brothers in the industry, such as Andela, Google, Nokia, and etc, the sky is the limit for all of our upcoming students.

This and many several other opportunities being posed day-in-day-out by the ever-evolving technology in this digital age, we believe no one should be left illiterate to the knowledge of computing.

Hence the reason why we brought about this opportunity, to benefit every individual who is willing to add a very profitable skill to his career without having to go through unnecessary stress and costs that come with other regular programs.

So Why is This Program So Unique and...
Why You Can't Afford to Miss it for Anything?

For no reason, we want to believe that anyone born in this millennium should try and miss this opportunity to learn valuable IT skills in a lifetime!..

Because, could it be that such a person is not aware of the value or importance of having these payable IT skills is in this new age?..

Or could it be that he is not aware of how much people are paying to acquire these kinds of knowledge elsewhere in the outside world?

Even if you think, well, I can get the same courses or program somewhere on Udemy or similar websites…

…yes, that’s true, but how about the cost of purchasing the courses, and the cost of watching them over the internet?

Well, you get the point!

So, here are the number of reasons why EPIC 1.0 is the best thing on earth you don’t want to miss right now..

📌 It is the number one program that does not require unnecessary commitments or overwhelming out-of-pocket costs from you to get started.

📌 It is very cheap, cost-effective, and time-saving – no additional cost is required from you…except for your regular WhatsApp/Telegram platform subscription, where supports and other mentorship will be given, along side the 64GB (EPIC) flash drive where you’ll be taking your lessons and accessing your study materials).

📌 And lastly, you can watch your videos, participate and learn with ease, from the comfort of your home anywhere and whenever you like. 

Alright that said..

I will like to add that, this program is currently under prelaunch, and that means we require a little bit of waiting time, say a week on a minimum and 2 weeks on a maximum, before you will be able to receive your flash drive.

This is due to the reason that the flash drives are processed and shipped from the overseas and it might take a little bit of time but in most cases, it might never even be up to that..

For that reason we are giving the early-birds the grace to enjoy an amazing discount, meaning that if you order right now, you will only pay a token of ₦19,999 naira only, as against its original value of ₦30,000 the moment the prelaunch period is over.

I hope this is clear?

Alright in a quick summary...
These are list of what you're getting once again

✔️ A complete access to computer programming, web development, and graphics design video training from highly qualified and certified trainers, inside a 64Gb flash drive, delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.

✔️ Access to a lifetime mentorship and guidance from experts and like-minded in the industry via WhatsApp or Telegram group.

✔️ Access to certificate of completion, issued by Joobla Information Technology for Youth Development and Empowerment program otherwise known as (JIT4DEYouth)™ program under the registered license of Joobla Multiservice Company JMC, (BN: 3101126).

✔️ Access to opportunities and gigs from various IT companies or clients worldwide for attractive pays.

So, you know what you are putting in for now, is such a life-changing opportunity, that you may never realize it now, until you eventual miss it.

Let me tell you something (So exciting), I learnt of a simple web developer who charges from ₦100,000 to ₦400,000 (that’s so ridiculous) for designing a simple landing page website (just like this one you are reading now). 

And as if that’s not enough, take a look at the below image analyzing how much payable are  different IT skill professions can get, see the trend from 2017 to 2021.

Salary Trends in IT Skills

Yes, that’s a whooping $113k and $145k payable to a front-end and back-end website developers respectively..

so you may wanna do the calculation, how much are they if converted to naira? 

Never mind, you may just want to keep that to yourself as well.

So, right now, I am just supper excited for you, because you’re about to embark on a great journey to a better career in the field of Information Technology.

Alright, congratulations! Now you may proceed to the registration process below and then making your payment!  

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