Joobla Institute of Arabic Language & Islamic Studies.

Learn & Memorize the Qur'an, Its Language, and All the Basic and Core knowledge of Islam.

..from the comfort of your home, at Joobla Institute of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies for a period of nine month.


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Batch starting from: 1st of Ramadan 1445

Want to learn Arabic? No problem.

Joobla Institute, has brought to you, the salvation you have always looked for, as we teach in the simplest, modern and most effective way possible. And within 9 months, you'd already be able to understand and speak Arabic like the natives
bi awniLlah!

Our Courses:

Regular Courses:

Arabic (العربية)

Our Arabic language program includes: Qiro'ah (reading), Ta'beer (expressions) and kitaabah (writing). For all levels — beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Fiqh (الفقه)

Gain the knowledge and practices of the sharia, or divine Islamic law as revealed in the Quran and the Sunnah. Also available for all levels.

Hadith (الحديث)

Learn the corpus of the sayings and traditions of the prophet Muhammad, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna).

At-tawheed (التوحيد)

The most important subject for a Muslim to comprehend is Allah’s monotheism as without that, no act of worship or good deed is accepted by Allah, nor rewarded in the hereafter.

Special Courses:

Mantiq (المنطق)

Mantiq (logic) is the study of logic applied to Islamic Philosophy. This subject explores the necessity of proper usage and understanding of linguistics, rational proofs, and textual evidence in religious discourse.

Balaagah (البلاغة)

Balaagha (Rhetoric) is the art of reaching the utmost perfection in speech or writing style. It is a discipline that deals with clarity, correctness, and beauty in Arabic writing or oral expression.

Al-Meerath (الميراث)

The Islamic law of inheritance. A subject that explains the sharia way of dealing with the inheritance of a deceased.

Qur'an Courses:

Recitation (Beginners)

For individuals who want to learn or perfect their Qur'anic recitation.

Memorisation (تحفيظ القرأن)

Learn the Qur'an by heart under a standard guide, monitoring, tutelage and supervision.

At-tajweed (التجويد)

In the context of the recitation of the Quran, at-tweed is a set of rules for the correct pronunciation of the letters with all their qualities.

Starting 1st of Ramadan 1445

Our Pedagogy

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Access to learning profile.

Every student has a learning profile where lesson notes and materials are accessible.

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Access to community.

Every student will be added to a learning community where they communicate with one another and share thoughts regarding their learning process. Ask each other's help with Assignment and tasks.

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Real-time & Fun Classes.

The classes are real-time and fun with quality supervision, monitoring.

Batch starting 1st of Ramadan 1445

Subjects per Levels

Regular Courses

There are 4 subjects at beginners' level which are:

Regular Courses

There are 6 subjects at begginners' level which are:

Advanced Courses

There are 6 subjects at advance level as well which are:

Special Courses

There are 3 subjects at special level which are:

Batch starting from: 14 July 2022

Your instructors

Idris AbdurRahman

Proficient researcher and writer on any Shari’ah-related topic with numerous research testifying to that. An expert in Fiqh and Usulul-fiqh (Masters). Currently studying his way to PhD in Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh Islamic University, Minnesota, USA.

Oke Habeeb K.

Director, Joobla Institute of Arabic Language & Islamic Studies. He's a hafidh, and an expert in Arabic language. Teaches Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). He has taught Arabic for 13 years both online and offline. He has also memorised few books of Hadith such bulugh Maraam, Arbaoona nawawee among others, with hijaazaat (certifications) in matnu Al-Aajroomiyyah, Uthuluthalaatha, Qowaa'dul arbaa' amongst others, from his reputable sheikh.

avatar, female, girl-1606914.jpg
Suad Ibrahim

An experienced Arabic and Qur'an tutor who can help in reaching both language and religious goals. An Alimah in the knowledge of Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, as well as a proficient understanding of the Qur'an. I am committed to providing high-quality instruction that is tailored to your specific needs. I believe that each student is unique and deserves a personalised approach to learning.

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Batch starting from: 14 July 2022


What's this program all about?

This program is a foundational program that sets students feet firmly on the path to learning Arabic language and Islamic studies. After the completion of the program, the students are expected to be able to speak, write and read Arabic language, and have foundational knowledge of Fiqh, Hadith and Aqeedah. And then be able to further on their own or through the Institute to pursue further knowledge.

How many levels does the program entail?

The program entails three levels or classes. The beginner level (Ibtidaa'ee/الإبتدائي), Intermediate Level (Mutawassit/المتوسط) and Advanced level (الأعلى). We also have a preparatory level (الإعدادي) for those who cannot read the Qur'an yet.

What is the duration of this program?

This program is a 9-month program with each level having a period of three months each.

How many hours/days in a week will classes hold?

Classes hold 4 times in a week and 1 and half per day. The time table will be released to students to see how the classes hold.

What time will the lesson hold?

The lessons are held life and hold at 9pm Nigerian time. So students from others countries should check the equivalent time in their country. Message the Administration if there's a concern. It's a night class because this is the time people are believed to be available.

Through what means are the classes held?

The classes are held on Google Meet, however every student will have a personal Google Classroom where notes and Assignments are dropped for them by their teachers before and after the lessons. Students are expected to have gone through the materials before the lesson time.

Is this program certified?

Yes this program is a certified program and the quality of the certificate is equivalent to an Thaanaqwiyyah certificate (Islamic secondary school leaving certificate) which could be useful for you to pursue your further studies in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere In sha'a Llah!

Is the program paid or free?

The program is a paid program. Students are expected to pay a very small amount of money every session which is every three months. In sha'a Llah.

Will students pay for certification after the completion of the program?

Yes, like every other certification programs, students are expected to pay a token amount of money to be able to receive the certificate.

Who are our teachers?

We have qualified Male and Female teachers who take your lessons. Male teacher for Male students and Female teachers for Female students.

Is the class a mixed class?

No. Female students are separated from Male Students and each has their teachers.

What about the Qur'an classes?

The Qur'an class entails Qur'an recitation for Beginners who cannot read or those who want to perfect their recitation of the Qur'an. It also entails Tajweed and Qur'an memorization as well. This is a separate program as Qur'an memorization requires more attention and commitment. It is also terminal — 3 months in a term. Students are not adviced to combine the Qur'an program with other programs. If you're choosing our Qu'ran program (memorization), then you are not advised to choose other programs except if you're very available for it and ready to be committed.

What about the special program?

This entails Subjects like MANTIQ, MEERATH and BALAAGHA. MANTIQ is one month and other two are 4 months each. Students are not allowed combined this courses. You can only choose one at a time.

Can I enrol my kids?

This program is basically designed for adults. However kids of ages 7 and above can be enrolled into our Qu'ran program and can be enrolled into other programs when they are fit for the programs.

Can I enrol for Intermediate and Advanced classes, if I'm not a beginner?

Yes, if you want to enrol for an intermediate class or advanced class, you'll have take a test and you must pass with at least 50% score. If you enrol into our Advanced program, then it's a must for you to enrol into our special programs after the completion of the advanced program before you can be entitled to our certificate.

When does new registration begin?

We start a new registration for new intakes after every 3-month (completion of a session).

Batch starting from: 14 July 2022

Select Any Level of Your Choice to Enrol Now

Elementary الاعدادية

This is for you if you're still struggling with reading the Qur'an.
10,000 3-Monthly
  • Al-Qiraa'a — القرائة
  • Learn & Perfect Your Qurán Recitation

Beginner الابتدائية

Perfect for you, if you can read the Qur'an perfectly and can read any Arabic word on your own.
10,000 3-Monthly
  • Al-Arabiyyah — العربية
  • Al-Qiraa'a — القرائة
  • Al-Hadeeth — الحديث
  • Al-A'qeedah — العقيدة
  • At-tajweed — التجويد

Intermediate المتوسطة

If you already have a basic knowledge of Arabic language, then this is for you.
10,000 3-Monthly
  • Al-Arabiyyah — العربية
  • Al-Qiraa'a — القرائة
  • Al-Hadeeth — الحديث
  • Al-A'qeedah — العقيدة
  • As-seerah — السراة

Special المتميز

Professional classes for Advanced individuals.
  • Al-mantiq — المنتق
  • Al-Balaagah — البلاغة
  • Al-meeraath — الميراث

Qur'an Memorisation — تحفيظ القرآن

A full Qur'an memorisation program.
10,000 Quarterly (3 Months)
  • 1-Year Plan — 3 pages/day, 12 Ajzaa'a in 4 months.
  • 2-Year Plan — 2 pages/day, 8 Ajzaa'a in 4 months.
  • 3-Year Plan — 1 page/day, 4 Ajzaa'a in 4 months.
  • 4-Year Plan — 1/2 a page /day, 2 Ajzaa'a in 4 months.