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Your Exclusive Multiservice Company and The Number One Plug on The Whole Wide World for Solution-based Products and Services That Not Only Cater to Businesses, Brands But Personal Needs.

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Founded in the year 2020 by his humble-self a forward-thinker, a problem-solver and a Nigerian; OKE, Aliyu T. as a means or an avenue to create a solution-based system where businesses, companies and individuals can find a resort for their businesses and personal needs.

We proffer solutions for businesses, brands and individuals by helping with awareness, collaborations, marketing (Social media) using our technologies, platforms and social media handles. And other products & services that not only cater to all basic needs and requirements but also solve problems. 

About Us

Jooba Multiservice Company

We are a licensed and registered Nigerian business organization and multi-service company under the regulation and authority of the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission with the registration number BN:3101126.

Our core value proposition and vision is to create a solution-based environment where individual, business and companies would no longer have to worry about things that really matter to them.



Tested, Trusted and Certified!

We are constantly the product of our characters and believes and what people feel or say about us and as such we only take pride in your satisfactions as our customers, clients and fan-base and nothing can take that away from our character and value proposition.


Products & Services


Black Seed Oil

100% cold-pressed extra virgin black seed premium oil, from the quality produce of Ethiopia by Ambell Super foods UK.

Our products and production techniques are dedicated to sourcing and distributing high-quality superfoods products in an ethical, organic and Earth-friendly way. This is why we have journeyed all the way to the ancient land of  Habashah (Ethiopia) to bring you the best of all black seed oil produce.

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