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Joobla multiservice company

Joobla is an exclusive multiservice company, established on the fourth of June, 2020 by a set of young individuals with a big mindset to create a solution to most of the known world problems. While it might sound too extreme and probably impossible to want to create a solution to the world’s problem, yet these individuals believe, nothing is impossible.

The word Joobla is derived from an Arabic word  جبلة meaning a group (of people) or a nation. Hence our mission to create solution-based innovations, investments, systems and businesses that will cater to every aspect of human lives, be it business-wise, health-wise and even personal-wise. 

Our Value Proposition

Things That Define Who We Are & What We Believe.

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Our Products & Services

As we are constantly all about creating solutions to problems, we don’t tend to do these alone. We work in hand with companies to help us achieve these goals, in turn helping them help the nations at large. Below are few of our services and products and those of our trusted partners.

Ambell Premium Black Seed Oil

100% best quality, cold-pressed black seed oil, made from the top-quality produce of the great land of Habasha now known as Ethiopia.

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